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Automotive Facebook Lead Ads

Automotive Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads, a simple way to sign up for your offers & promotions from anywhere.

With people spending more and more time on their mobile device, it becomes increasingly harder to get leads from your website. It’s cumbersome to start filling in lead forms on a mobile device, mobile optimized or not. Too many clicks, then a scroll, then typing – I’d just rather *not*.

Imagine a potential customer sees your ad on Facebook (desktop or mobile device) with an offer that interests them. Maybe it’s your previous website visitors which you have retargeted or people you have identified in your area, interested in a vehicle or service.

Here is what facebook has to say:

You can create lead forms right within the Facebook application, so your potential customers never have to leave Facebook. Users can fill out a lead form directly within the application.

What does this do? Removes several friction points:

  • Less clicks for the user.
  • Pre-populated Forms means less typing for the user.
  • Less time for them to complete your form.

12057023_1505466796417400_400993474_nAll of those with an offer of interest, help people complete the steps you want them to with more ease.

This lead information can be sent directly to your CRM in real-time as if they completed the lead form on your website.

You likely already have incentives on your site for trade-ins, service promotions and more. These can be extended on to Facebook and made easy for people to complete your lead forms, they don’t have to take their precious time to go through all the typical steps of filling our your clunky forms on your landing pages.

There are several solutions to getting your leads sent in real-time (ADF format), Facebook does not provide this, and you require a 3rd party solution. We prefer to use Zapier for our service integration that will happily work with ANY CRM on the planet, yes even all things automotive.

If you’re interested in incorporating lead ads into your online advertising strategy, drop us a line, we’re already started.


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