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Facebook Lead Ads For Automotive Case Study

Facebook Lead Ads For Automotive Case Study

We recently completed a case study with one of our dealers Agincourt Mazda.   Agincourt wanting to cut down on the pricey subprime credit app leads from lead vendors in Canada, they looked to us to help lower their CPL (cost per lead).

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Facebooks lead ad product fit the bill for us and we were able to deliver some incredible results.   Results that we can capitalize on and build off of and increase the results even more.


We  achieved an incredible 400%+ (ROI) and 5X return on ad spend, directly from leads obtained via facebook that turned in to direct vehicle sales.

Using Facebook lead ads has been a breakthrough marketing strategy for us. Facebook’s targeting capabilities make this an efficient, direct way of reaching in-market customers, and has become our most effective model for short-term sales conversions. We will continue to invest in it as it has become essential to growing our sales and database.

We will continue to build off this, leverage the data we have to determine improved targeting, and build out new custom audiences based on the information we have.

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