731% Increase In Conversion Rate – Toyota

731% Increase In Conversion Rate – Toyota
Conversion Rate Optimization

This Toyota dealership has been using its provided design from day one.   There is absolutely nothing wrong with the initial design, however, it was never tested by the dealership itself, using their own potential customers and local market.

We tested a change in Call-To-Action options along with design changes to see if we could increase the number of new vehicle leads the dealership receives from their website.

This was a 2-page test aligning SRP design/colors with VDP.

There was a very close second in terms of color, but blue is the winner.

  • Sessions tested = 4,124
  • Days to test = 37
  • Original conversion rate = 0.19%
  • Winning conversion rate = 1.58%
  • Improvement = 731% increase