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Reviews From The Web Are Back

Reviews From The Web Are Back

Google has done a 180 on its decision to remove “Reviews from the web”.  Just over the weekend (I can’t confirm when it was changed) we noticed they are BACK.  For those of you that don’t recall, Google would display reviews about a business from other sources (besides Google) in your local business listing.   Instead of displaying Google reviews exclusively, it could also show reviews from other online sources.

Google removed that information well over a year ago as of writing this without any real explanation, but the result was they were gone.

Well now they’re back in a slightly different visual format, and they appear to include a lot more sources.

A simple Google search will reveal the new layout. It hasn’t  changed too much, but you can see from the example screenshots below, what that new format looks like:

reviews from around the web


Several sources have appeared after doing a handful of searches for dealerships (or any local business for that matter).   The following are confirmed to appear so far, for dealers:

  • DealerRater
  • YellowPages
  • Facebook
  • CarGurus
  • Reviewsii

Why Is This Important?

Google is now bringing directly to the forefront, (meaning, people don’t even need to go looking for reviews) all your good and potentially bad scores! We have been saying from day one, that having all your reviews in one place is a wrong decision.  Your reputation should be positive across all available sites, not just 1 or 2, while the rest convey poor service, or they say (just as bad) nothing at all.

Your best solution is to provide a solid reputation across the web; that means everywhere your customers can leave reviews, you should have a great score and a good amount of completed reviews.

Having a great score on one site alone and poor scores across the others (or low total reviews) looks deceptive and manipulated.

What’s your reputation look like? Need to boost your reputation across the web? Look no further than True Review.

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