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Your reputation is what your customers say it is, and different consumers trust and utilize different sites. There is no one best, as your potential customers are all different and make different choices. We subscribe to making sure your reputation is 4.0+ star on every property available, we don't believe in 1 legged tables.

We get your customers to leave reviews on sites they already know, like and trust. Having your reviews all in one location looks unnatural and manipulated. We're all different and we all trust different sources, why not look good everywhere.

The Problem

You've tried to get your staff to encourage reviews, you've given out POS material and provided instructions on your website, but none of it lasts or seems to work. You have thousands of customers and little to no online reviews across the web. Getting people to leave a review just isn't working no matter what you try or it's a lot of effort to get what you do.

The Solution

True Review makes it easy for a single staff member to operate. 120 seconds of their day is all it takes. This also makes it as easy as possible for your customers, 1 click and they're leaving a review, no instructions, no asking them to do work for you. They're already your customer, make it easy for them!

true review flow

Import Your Customers

In seconds, import your customers on a regular basis through a secure web interface, this is a simple 60 second task you can assign to 1 staff member to ensure it's completed regularly and with very little time involved.

Send E-Mail

Your customers will receive a custom-crafted email personalized for them, from their service advisor or sales rep. directing them to a pre-determined review site based on our TrueReview logic. Presenting fewer options means a higher response rate.

Customer Leaves Review

With a single click, your customers are now in the middle of leaving a review. It couldn't be made any easier for them. You've asked your customers to do you a favour, make that as easy as possible to do by pre-determined logic and 1-click reviews.



Fully protected with 128-bit SSL encryption for you and your customer's safety.

Requires No-Time

Your staff are busy, this takes no more than 60 seconds to complete start to finish, daily or weekly.

US / Canada

Our service will work with any review site, in any country.

Guaranteed Results

TrueReview works every single time. Guaranteed to increase your reviews by 200% or more in 1 to 6 months.


Complies with all local anti-spam laws in both Canada & US.


Don't want to continue, have enough reviews? Cancel at any time.


Ahsan Syed
General Manager

It's incredible how fast our Google reviews and score have gone up, it's taken no time to use TrueReview, and no time to get where we wanted to be.

Jon Hall
General Manager

We had all our reviews on a single site before. Now we're 4+ star across the board where ever a potential customer looks and we love that.

Ryan Thompson
General Sales Manager

We had little to no reputation over the last several years. TrueReview has built up our reputation across the web in weeks! Love it.

Adam Biesenthal
Digital Marketing Manager

We had some poor one-off ratings in the search results. With TrueRevew, in less than 2 days we're up to 4+. It's really that easy and fast.

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