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Website Performance Tuning For More Leads

Website Performance Tuning For More Leads

Throughout our lives we have many items that require tuning.  Maybe it’s a musical instrument, sporting equipment, an automobile, just to name a few.

We understand why we tune – for better performance of course.

However, one area that is neglected online (and in our automotive world) is determining if your website is performing at its best.  You took a great amount of time and money deciding on your website colors and layout, or maybe it’s OEM mandated and they’ve told you this is ‘the best’.  Regardless of how you got to your final website version, one thing remains true, it’s never been tuned & tested for you.

You may think your website is fine. It is tuned by the website vendor, just like the automobiles you sell are tuned by the manufacturer.

But aftermarket performance tuning takes these perfectly fine vehicles from the manufacturer and tunes them for higher performance (more than any OEM will provide).  Do you not want maximum horsepower from your website when it comes to lead generation?

Why do dealers settle for medium performance when they can have the ultimate (stage 3) high-performance tuning job?

I’m talking about running real-time A/B split testing. The kind your website vendor says they do or have done, but isn’t actually true or applicable to your specific site.

Make your own best practices with your own tests.

How many times have you heard the phrase “best practice”?  You can try them all you want but you will never know if it’s working for or against you without properly testing it.   Your website is different;  your colors are different; your layout is different; and your AUDIENCE is different.   If you have all these differences, how can someone else’s ‘best’ be yours too?  Make your own best practices with your own tuning.

Questions Website Tuning Can Help With

Here are some questions you can answer with tuning that you likely don’t have the answer to yet:

  • Do you have too many call to actions (CTA) on your VDPs?
  • Do you have the right CTAs on your VDPs?
  • Do you know if a CTA is good or bad on your SRP?
  • Do you know what colors of CTA buttons work best?
  • Do you know what CTA generates the most leads?
  • That expensive new monthly service with widgets that you placed on your VDPs, is it helping generate more leads or is it hurting?
  • Is that video home page causing your bounce rate to increase or decrease?   Does it even change at all?

I bet you can’t answer those definitively, only hearsay or something you read about.

I recently heard that red means “stop” and that it’s bad.

I recently read that red is the best color for a CTA because it stands out?

Which one of those statements is true?  They can’t both be accurate if I want more leads from a red button.

We can prove all of this with tests, no hearsay, no theory, no opinions required. We’ll just use the hard evidence of your visitor’s behavior and leads submitted to determine the correct answers.

Red is a great button color, but on a red background, it’s terrible.  Why?  because then it becomes no button at all, it’s red on red.   So there goes one theory about red being the best (in certain situations).

Why is this important? Your website has visitors coming to it.   You want to get the most out of that traffic (you’ve paid thousands in advertising to get it).  Just like car racing, you want to get the most power out of your engine as possible.  That is not something the manufacturer provides – you have to do your own tuning, just like you need to tune your own website.

Real Life Split Test

We did a simple New VDP button test (very basic).  This is an OEM approved vendor for Mercedes-Benz and these are the designs provided by the approved OEM provider.


I don’t think it’s hard to figure out which one of these may perform better.  We have two changes here:

  1. Changed the main CTA to ‘Request A Quote’
  2. Changed the main CTA color to jump off the page more than anything else.

We can try more CTA options and more color variations.  We can remove the “Get Pre-Qualified” or add more.   These are the things we can determine with testing in real-time and finding the highest performing combination.   The idea that nice looking and more options is better simply is not true, because those that say it is, have never proven it with tests.

We don’t say we know all the answers.  We say that we’ll get to the highest performing answer.

What was the result?

  • Roughly 2800 sessions over 22-days split across 2 options
  • The original conversion rate – 0.07%
  • The variation conversion rate – 0.46%
  • Improvement of ~525%

Would you like ~525% more leads from your new VDPs today?  Our client sure does.

We could stop here and make these changes permanent from this day forward.   These new VDPs will perform ~525% better than they were before, which means more leads every single month after month.

Imagine we dig deeper into this, run more tests, we continue to improve the conversion rate on new VDPs.  We can then also test Pre-Owned, your SRP pages, sales landing pages.   Any page where you want to measure the impact and see what is the best performing (based on your desired outcome of that page), we can test and make sure you’re getting the ultimate performance.

Want us to start testing your site today?   We’d be happy to provide some aftermarket tuning for you.  Chat below or contact us here.


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